Small Animal

Your small animals are well taken care of in our home. I have two lizards myself and have taken care of nearly every critter possible. From frogs to spiders and birds to rabbits and reptiles to sugar gliders and everything in between. Food and bedding are included in the monthly price.

Hamsters/Gerbils/Mice/Arachnids – $5/per day, $25/per week, $50/per month.

Fish – $5/per day per <10 Gallon Tank.

Small Birds – $8/per day, $50/per week, $150/per month.

Rabbits/Ferrets/Rats/Chinchillas/Guinea Pigs – (Maximum 2 animals, +$5 per day / per additional animal >2) $10/per day, $60/per week,  $225/per month

Small Reptiles/Amphibians (Bearded Dragon, Gecko, Frogs, RES Turtles, etc) – $12/per day, $70/per week, $250/per month

Other small animals and exotics please inquire for prices.We offer long stay discounts!

Holiday Fees are in effect from:
December 15th 2015 – January 14th 2016
Please see our holiday fees here.