Q: How much do you charge for pick up and drop off service?

A: $10 each way for Port Moody, Coquitlam, New Westminister and Burnaby. Anywhere else you would need to contact us to see.

Q: You say the cats get there own room? What does it look like?

A: The Room is 12.5′x9.8′. There is a single bed, window, small apartment deep freeze, desk, cat tower, litter box, and toys.

Q: Do I have to fill out any forms?

A: Yes, the forms that need to be filled out are Owner/Pet Information , Vet Release , and our contract.

Q: When do I give you my keys?

A: Keys should be provided at the time the initial orientation visit when the contract is signed. If not provided then and we are required to pick up keys there will be a $15 fee.

Q: What if I go away a lot, is there a way I can leave my keys with you so we don’t have to meet every time?

A: Of course! Your keys are kept safe in a lock box and labelled with a number so even in the case of theft there is no way to know they are for your place.

Q: What do you accept for payment?

A: Cash, Cheque, PayPal and Credit Card via Square for iPhone.

Q: Do my pets need to be vaccinated?

A: If we have other cats staying with us at the time, yes your pets need to be up to date on vaccinations. Long stays need to be vaccinated. If you pets are not vaccinated please let us know prior to booking so we can discuss options.